Celebrating 65 Years in the Camera Repair Business

We repair digital cameras & film cameras.
Digital camera repair: Nikon Coolpix, Fuji FinePix
Film camera repair 35mm SLR
Expert lens repairs.
We repair slide, 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm, & overhead projectors.
Firmware upgrades, video & movie film transfer.
Nikon warranty repairs.

We know video...
We test the quality of your image and sound

Service: Video Equipment Repair

Sanford Camera Repair, Inc. applies our years of photographic and optical experience to video camera repair. For years we have repaired the high-end T.V. equipment, and we apply that expertise to your 8mm video camera.  We have been repairing video cameras for 30 years!

Our state-of-the-art shop is equipped with all the necessary test and alignment instruments for NTSC and PAL formats.
We repair all video formats, including:

  • 8 mm 
  • Digital 8 
  • VHS 
  • VHSC 
  • DCR 
  • Tapes should not be left in camcorders when they are not in use. The tape may develop creases because of the way it is wrapped around the drum that reads the tape. These creases may cause recording and playback problems. The tape may also stick to the drum.
  • Don't put a really cold video tape into your camcorder.  Moisture from the warmer air tends to condense on the tape (just like it fogs your glasses when you come inside in winter), and that moisture can cause the tape to stick to the spinning drum.  The tape will get wrapped around the drum, and possibly destroy the video heads.
  • Batteries should not be left on camcorders that are not in use.  Some cameras draw a small, but constant, current even when turned off. 
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