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In addition to our regular high quality standard repairs, we perform some specialty repairs:
  • We have introduced a lens testing service and special tools and techniques to adjust your lens equipment to the highest factory specifications.
  • We are able to recover images lost by deleting or reformatting a memory card.

Memory Card Image Recovery
Have you deleted precious images of your vacations, pets, graduations, or relatives?  We can help recover your image files and copy them to a DVD.  We can recover your images if the images have been deleted or the card re-formatted, and the images were not written-over with new pictures. We are able to provide this service on CF, SD, & XD memory cards.

Lens Test Facilities
For many years we have maintained a lens testing capability as part of our lens overhaul procedure and as a "before & after" test to verify the final results of our work.  We also make this testing available, on a limited basis, and for a modest fee, to our customers.  It is a subjective test, done by projection, and when examined properly by an experienced technician, can be very revealing concerning the overall performance of a lens at various diaphragm openings and focal lengths.  Any mechanical/optical non-alignment will be quickly evident, and, at that point, it must be determined whether normal tolerances have been exceeded.

Firmware Upgrades

Video Tape & Movie Film Transfer to DVD
We offer video transfer of VHS, VHSc, 8mm, & Hi 8mm video tapes, as well as 8mm, super 8mm, & 16mm movie film to DVD.

Zoom Lens Tracking
The sharp focussing of a zoom lens is done by first setting it to the full telephoto position, focus it, then zoom into full wide angle.  The image must stay sharp at any focal length you desire.  If it does not, the tracking must be adjusted; this is called collimation.

It matters not whether the lens is mounted to a movie, video, or still camera, the exact collimation to the actual body being used is critical.  There are small tolerances that occur during the camera manufacturing process, thus requiring that any zoom lens be adjusted to it's own camera body.  Switching the lens to another body may well result in non-sharp images if collimation is not checked.  Sanford Camera Repair, Inc. has all of the necessary lens test equipment, plus the technical and optical expertise to accurately perform this collimation procedure.

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