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We repair digital cameras & film cameras.
Digital camera repair: Nikon Coolpix, Fuji FinePix
Film camera repair: 35mm SLR.
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We repair slide, 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm, & overhead projectors.
Firmware upgrades, video & movie film transfers.
Nikon warranty repairs.

We know lenses...
Lens repair is our specialty

Service: Lens Repair 

Sanford Camera Repair, Inc. has made servicing lenses our specialty, and is highly regarded by New England T.V. stations and industrial and professional photographers for our quality lens repairs.  While other repair shops view lens repair as just a necessary part of repairing your camera, we have made it a priority, and a major portion of our business. From 16mm to large 4" optics, we have specialized collimators and alignment equipment for them all. 

By employing high resolution targets and optical benches and collimators, we can accurately align the optics in your fixed or zoom lens. Precise alignment is important for proper tracking and constant focus of your zoom lens.

Multiple Collimators
All repair shops have a collimator, but at Sanford Camera Repair, Inc. we have several specialized collimators for different lenses -- wide angle, telephoto, large diameter lenses -- they all have different requirements for alignment, and we have all the equipment required. 

Microscope Alignment
Testing the image with a microscope permits highly critical focus and zoom tracking alignment. By viewing the image through a microscope, we can detect and correct any focus shifts in both zoom lenses and in fixed focal length models. 

Projection Alignment
Sanford Camera Repair, Inc. is one of only a few independent service facilities in the U.S. to utilize projection alignment of your lens. Our projection alignment system was designed and built by Jerry Sanford in our machine shop. Built originally to service Angenieux lenses, and modeled after a system used at the Angenieux lens factory, this unique method of testing lenses projects an illuminated target through your lens and onto a large screen. This allows the tracking of the elements during zoom to be viewed precisely. This method is particularly good for evaluating overall field-of-view resolution and alignment. 

Be sure to visit our Lens Tips page for hints on caring for your Lens.

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