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Service: Digital Camera Repair

Professional photographers have relied on Sanford Camera Repair, Inc. for prompt, professional service for the last 65 years. With over 200,000 quality repairs completed, our factory trained technicians have the experience to repair your camera right the first time, and they are backed by our huge inventory of original equipment parts. Our large investment in specialized test equipment and tools ensures accurate calibration of your repaired camera. 

Digital Camera Repair
One of the most frequent problems we see with digital cameras is a zoom lens that will not zoom, because the lens is out of alignment.  This may have been caused by rough handling or some type of impact.  The camera is usually not able to focus in this condition and will not fire.  The camera may print out "system error" or not turn on properly.  Realigning the zoom lens and or resetting the zoom barrel guide pins, that may have been pushed out of their slots, allows the lens to focus and zoom. 

We continue to see broken battery doors and card doors as a result of impact.  We have also had to replace the LCD screen on some models because of impact. 

We are cleaning the CCD's on Nikon digital SLR cameras & the CMOS sensors on Canon EOS Digital SLR cameras. We ask that you send a fully charged battery with your camera. Call to see if your model may require that an ac adapter be sent as well.

Skilled Technicians
Each of our skilled digital camera repair technicians specializes in repairing certain types and brands of cameras. By specializing, they can become more proficient at servicing each model. Our technicians regularly attend training seminars at the factory to learn new models and hone their skills. With an average of over ten years of experience, they are among the most experienced in the country. 

Specialized Tools
Today's cameras require a host of special tools to correctly service each model.  Sanford Camera Repair, Inc. has hundreds of specialized tools to properly service your camera, including many custom test jigs that were designed and made in our own machine shop. Having the right tool can mean the difference between a quality repair and a marginal repair of your camera. 

Accurate Diagnostic Equipment
More than ever, today's cameras require specialized test and calibration equipment.  Sanford Camera Repair, Inc. has invested heavily in specialized equipment to ensure your camera is accurately calibrated to factory standards. 

Memory Card Image Recovery
Have you deleted precious images of your vacations, pets, graduations, or relatives?  We can help recover your image files and copy them to a DVD.  We can recover your images if the images have been deleted or the card re-formatted, and the images were not written-over with new pictures. We are able to provide this service on CF, SD, & XD memory cards.

Be sure to visit our Camera Tips page for hints on caring for your camera.

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