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Camera Clubs 


Throughout the years of our existence as a camera repair shop, we have been closely associated with camera clubs from many areas, especially in New England.

Our shop founder, Gerald (Jerry) Sanford, has started one club, is past president of two, and is a Master Member of The New England Camera Club Council (MNEC).

When you enter our shop, either personally, or by mail, your problem becomes our problem. Whether you require only an operating change, or your camera or lens needs a repair, we fully understand the unique conditions a camera club requires, and we gladly give our time and expertise so you can produce prize-winning slides or prints.

When you tell us that your lens is not sharp, that you cannot resolve the hairs on a caterpillar's body, we know exactly what you mean, and, we have the knowledge as well as the test equipment to check out that lens resolution, f -stop by f -stop. We also check your camera's critical body focus points so we can give you a complete answer. Of course, we are well equipped to repair the camera body if it is needed. This one-on-one connection between photographer and repair technician forms the basis for all our service work. We hope you will take advantage of it.

If our shop is too distant from you, we encourage you to ship your camera/lens to us for a prompt estimate. We cherish our warm relationship with club members, and look forward to this for the future!

Joining a local camera club is a wonderful way to learn and enjoy photography!  The cost is low, and the fun is high!  You meet so many people who, like you, want to bring their cameras into action in a fulfilling way.  There are many fine camera clubs in the New England area, call us if you need more information.

Article Reprints
The following articles were written by Jerry Sanford for various camera club newsletters. We hope you will find them helpful.
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