Celebrating 65 Years in the Camera Repair Business

Digital camera repair: Nikon Coolpix, Fuji FinePix
Film camera repair: 35mm, SLR, large format, movie cameras

About Sanford Camera Repair, Inc.:

The Early Days
Sanford Camera Repair was founded in 1955 by Gerald (Jerry) Sanford after he had repaired cameras for several years at John Allen's Camera Store in Brookline. Those were the days of mechanical cameras that you could figure out by disassembling the camera and watching it work, and like most camera repairmen of the time, Jerry's repair skills were self-taught. His background as an aircraft instrument mechanic and his innate mechanical skills made him a natural at camera repair. 

Demand for his services was strong, and he had more work than one person could do.  He began to hire other skilled mechanics and taught them camera repair.  Over the years the business grew, his reputation for quality repairs and prompt, professional service expanded, and many Boston area photographers and institutions used Sanford Camera Repair exclusively for all their repairs. By the late '60s he employed a dozen technicians and was the service arm behind many of the large camera stores in eastern Mass. If you had your camera repaired by your local camera store in the '60s, chances are it was done at Sanford Camera Repair.

In his 50 years at Sanford Camera, Jerry has experienced many changes in the world of cameras, and some of the people he trained have gone-on to start successful repair shops of their own.

Changes Throughout the Years
During the '70s and '80s cameras evolved from mechanical controls to electronic controls and the repair business changed dramatically.  Sanford Camera kept pace by learning the new electronics, retraining technicians, and investing in the new tools and equipment required by the new electronic designs. 

In the new millennium Sanford Camera Repair has transitioned from film cameras to digital camera repair.  We have added the electronic skills necessary to repair the new cameras, while maintaining the quality of service associated with our years of experience repairing mechanical cameras. 

Jerry Sanford developed a reputation for designing and machining custom equipment for cameras, and over the years has built up a complete machine shop. He has made many interesting cameras and devices, including:

  • Aerial cameras
  • Camera to photograph subway train brakes
  • Camera to photograph hot gas flames in a tube under pressure
  • Camera equipment for National Geographic expeditions
  • Custom lens mounts
  • Lens alignment equipment
  • Sanford Camera Repair, Inc. has made a specialty of lens repair and has developed a nation-wide reputation for repairing the high-end complex zoom lenses used on Electronic News Gathering (ENG) TV cameras. 

    Frustrated with the limitations of the analog test equipment available in the 1970s, Jerry's son Gary started designing digital test equipment to meet the needs of testing the new electronic cameras. This eventually evolved into a complete line of shutter testers, exposure testers, and calibrated light sources, and was marketed to camera repair shops under the name Measurement Engineering.  His equipment is still in use by many shops, including Hasselblad.  Gary owned data conversion service bureau that specialized in converting data from IBM mainframe computers to PCs. 

    Sanford Camera Repair, Inc. Today
    Over the years we've grown from that small one-man shop specializing in just a few makes and models, to three factory trained technicians, plus the support staff, service manuals, tools, test equipment, and parts needed to repair hundreds of camera models.  We stock over 80,000 different parts (several hundred thousand parts in total), including many that are hard to find, and we have made a huge investment in test and diagnostic equipment and specialized tools.  It is our belief that this investment in quality service pays off in better repairs and more satisfied customers. 

    We have tried to maintain a balance between being small enough to offer personal service, and large enough to make the necessary investments in equipment and tools to properly service your equipment. 

    Our Commitment to the Future
    Sanford Camera Repair, Inc. has always made the commitment to employ the best technicians available, and to use the best test equipment and tools for the job.  We are continually reinvesting in new technologies for the future.  We believe our success over the years can be attributed to our stringent quality control, a genuine concern for our customers, and the pride each technician has in the quality of his work. 

    With an average of over ten years in the repair business, we have some of the most experienced repair professionals in the country, including camera repair instructors.  Each of our technicians is a specialist in his chosen brand and type of equipment.  This specialization results in more complete knowledge of each model, and lower repair cost. 

    We are proud of having completed well over 250,000 quality repairs.  Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has resulted in a loyal customer base. We are extremely pleased that over 90% of new customers come from referrals by satisfied customers. We hope to count you among our many satisfied customers.


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